West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Marienbad

🇨🇿 Last winter the trumpet players from the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Czech Republic visited us and chose their new Bb “Vivat” and “Classico”.
In the meantime they have played a few concerts on them and the excitement is still big ☺️

“Dear Mr. Weimann,

we want to to thank you so much for the attention we have received from Alex while we chose your miracle-trumpets.

Both models (Classico and Vivat) are simply superb and we are more than happy with them.

We especially enjoy the wonderful dark and big sound, the fantastic vibe…

The West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra celebrates an important anniversary in 2021 – 200 years since its founding.

New trumpets by WEIMANN are a great present for this.

We are looking forward to seeing you a future concerts in Marienbad and to continue working with you and use your instruments.

With warmest regards and best wishes for the new year!

Vladimír Smutný and Jan Kovář

from Marienbad”