Visitors from Taiwan

This week David Argenta, Principal Trumpet of the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra, and his son Luis visited our shop in Kapellendorf. Luis chose the Bb “Passion”, just like his father before him 🙂 Many thanks for a joyful visit!

Visitors from Marienbad

Many thanks to Karl Vencour, Principal Trumpet of the North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Teplice and Vladimir Smutný West Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Marienbad for their visit and many interesting hours of trying trumpets together.

new review: Gabor Richter (German only)

Gábor Richter – Solotrompeter Gewandhaus Leipzig über seine WEIMANN C-Trompete: “Nun, ich glaube, ich werde nicht viel neues dazu sagen können, was die anderen glücklichen Weimann-Trompete-Spieler schon vor mir geschrieben haben. Es ist jedoch ein Bedürfnis von mir, einerseits meine Weimann C zu loben, andererseits mich bei Alexander zu bedanken. Am besten erzähle ich, wie …

West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Marienbad

 Last winter the trumpet players from the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Czech Republic visited us and chose their new Bb “Vivat” and “Classico”. In the meantime they have played a few concerts on them and the excitement is still big  “Dear Mr. Weimann, we want to to thank you so much for the attention we have …

Heinz Saurer – Tonhalle Zürich

A new review from Switzerland: “Choosing a new trumpet is a bit similar to buying a new car. There are many options and arguments like workmanship, design, acceleration, cost etc. which are important for a purchase. The WEIMANN C “Passion” is a perfect instrument for me. Put your mouthpiece in and play! On this trumpet …