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News from Weimann®

Visitors from China

🇨🇳🎺🇩🇪️ Four trumpet players from China/Weimar visiting our shop in Kapellendorf. Jai Qi Lu, Lei Dong, Wehhan Zheng and Xiaotioan Zhang were very excited to try our WEIMANN trumpets and we are looking forward to their next visit soon.

Numskull Brass Festival Caudete

🇪🇸 Numskull Brass Festival in Caudete, Spain is happening this year for the fifth time and we are very happy to be a part of it. We are looking forward to present our trumpets and flugelhorns on Thursday and Friday. WEIMANN player and new Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Esteban Batallán Cons will give a Masterclass during …

International Trumpet Guild 2019

We are very excited to attend the International Trumpet Guild Conference this year again. Never before we have brought so many different horns with us for you to try and buy! Over 30 different C, Bb and Eb/D trumpets and a Flugelhorn will be available. This year’s ITG will be held in the Hyatt Regency …


Our trumpets represent passion and precision craftsmanship. In addition to the excellent quality and a high level of workmanship, our trumpets will convince you by their outstanding sound and playing qualities. The sound of our trumpets is very lively and orchestral.

The sound of our trumpets remains balanced and stable in all nuances, and the instruments offer the player a superb playing experience.

The trumpets´intonation is well-balanced, faultless, and dependable in all playing situations. Also, the response is excellent in all registers, and it is characterized by a very free, open and direct feel. So the trumpets are convincing all along the line.

They are a symbiosis of traditional instrument making, modern manufacturing methods, and the knowledge of the special demands on the instruments for their use by professional orchestras and soloists.

That is why our trumpets are played and highly appreciated by renowned orchestral players both in Germany and abroad.

It has always been our aim to provide each musician with an instrument that allows them to realize their individual ideals of sound, which can be achieved by the various possible combinations.

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The trumpeter say:

Chris Martin

Principal trumpet, New York Philharmonic, USA “I played the new trumpet. today in the orchestra, and it really is outstanding. It is exactly the sound, …

OUR Testimonials


The Music Journal “Pipers” from Japan published the test report for WEIMANN® trumpets “Classico” and “Passion”.