Heinz Saurer – Tonhalle Zürich

A new review from Switzerland:

“Choosing a new trumpet is a bit similar to buying a new car. There are many options and arguments like workmanship, design, acceleration, cost etc. which are important for a purchase.

The WEIMANN C “Passion” is a perfect instrument for me.
Put your mouthpiece in and play!

On this trumpet I have an open and free feeling but I can create the necessary resistance to master difficult passages nonetheless as well.
The sound is soft, round and clear but loud and high parts do not trouble me at all.
The response from low to high is very even and the intonation and the workmanship is outstanding.

I am very happy with my WEIMANN trumpet and I would recommend everyone who is interested in rotaries, to try the different models from  Alexander Weimann.

A big thank you to the whole WEIMANN team”

– Heinz Saurer

(English translation by WEIMANN Trompetenbau)